Visual identity, 
UX/UI, Editorial

Freelance or collab︎︎︎

SCOPE: Branding, Art Direction, Print
YEAR: 2019

The work showcased on this page was created while working at Play SF and is the result of many amazing artists and people.



BACKGROUNDThe creators of the world’s first non-invasive endometriosis test saw dots as symbols of power: markers of both steps along a diagnostic journey and moments of profound change. To launch their brand, we revealed the shape’s exponential potential and then gave it a permanent place inside their new logo.

BACKGROUNDVoidRack’s founder was a traveling sound engineer fed up with the subpar options for transporting his equipment. So he engineered a highly sophisticated solution using a unique hexagonal structure to support and protect his expensive tech. We used this core product feature as the emblem of a sleek new identity.

BACKGROUNDRippling unifies employee payroll, benefits, computers, and apps to give companies a single system of record with one entry point for all data changes. This core functionality gave way to a powerful new identity that captured the positive ripple effect of their product—showing that by changing one thing, you can change everything.

Strivr is a leader in Immersive Learning, a methodology that combines VR with advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design to transform employee performance. We designed and launched their first issue of Rise Mag, a quarterly editorial publication dedicated to sharing the stories of thought leaders across industries.

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